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Quick Facts About Abu Simbel Temples

  • Abu Simbel is comprised of two temples, one dedicated to Ramses II and one to his chief wife, Nefertari.

  • The Small Temple represents the second time an entire temple was dedicated to a royal wife. It demonstrated his great love for her.

  • From 1964-1968, both temples were carefully carved into many pieces and relocated to a higher plateau to avoid being permanently submerged by the effects of the Aswan High Dam.

  • The exquisite carvings, artwork and statues within the interior of both structures are so delicate, cameras are not allowed for fear of damage or fading.

  • Abu Simbel has many depictions of Ramses II’s accomplishments, most of all his victory at the Battle of Kadesh.

  • On the facade of the Small Temple, there are smaller statues of the children.

  • Unusually, the princesses are depicted as taller than the princes.

  • It is likely because the entire temple was dedicated not just to Nefertari, but to all of the women in Ramses II’s household.

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