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Kom Ombo Quick Facts

  • Along with the God of Victory, Ancient Egyptians believed Horus was also a doctor. The Kom Ombo temple was known for its healing powers and people made pilgrimages to Kom Ombo to be healed.

  • On the back wall of the temple exists the very first known representations of precise surgical tools. Some of these tools include suction caps, scalpels, bone saws, dental tools, medicine bottles, forceps, birthing chairs and forceps.

  • A huge number of crocodiles once roamed the area inside and around the Kom Ombo temple.

  • More than 300 crocodile mummies were found at the Kom Ombo temple and now reside in the nearby Crocodile Museum.

  • The hidden chamber between the two sanctuaries was used for priests to act as the “Oracle” pronouncing god’s will.

  • The ceiling in the first Hypostyle hall is decorated with astronomical scenes including scenes of Nut, goddess of the sky and the universe.

  • Many columns in the temple boast reliefs of the pharaoh paying homage to many different gods.

  • The temple is oriented East to West, based on "local" North which was determine by the Nile River.

  • In the Horus myth, the allies of Seth made their escape by changing into crocodiles.

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