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Egypt Travel Tips

Planning a visit to Egypt and searching for a number of hints and tips to assist you prepare? Here you will find a lot of helpful info to assist you create the plan of your visit and guarantee a wonderful trip from staying healthy to native customs and the way to behave.

Is it safe to drink water in Egypt?

The water in Egypt is really safe to drink however because it is heavily chlorinated. Bottled drinking water is quickly offered in hotels, shops and restaurants and cheap. Brushing your teeth and showering with water in Egypt is safe also.

Egyptian Traditional Food

What's the food like in Egypt?

With grilled meats, fish and vegetables, are so delicious in Egypt also you must taste the traditional Egyptian Food like the Kushari.

Is it normal to give tipping in Egypt?

The word 'Backsheesh' will confer with a tip and it's a word you're going to listen once travel around Egypt as tipping may be a natural a part of lifestyle.

What to buy in Egypt???

Egypt may be a virtual Aladdin’s Cave. Whereas Cairo's Khan al-Khalili bazaar is cavernous and choked with uncommon and everyday objects, smaller souks and bazaars teem in alternative cities too. high buys embody cotton shirts, brass wear, leatherwear, mosaic lamps and mirrors, board game boards, Narghile pipes, Pharaonic objects intentional in marble and alabaster, cotton plant sheets, article of clothing and, of course, authentic papyrus.

Also the Bazaars in Luxor and Aswan have the best qualities in Egypt with suitable prices.

Is it safe to go to Egypt as a solo woman?

The cultural perspective towards ladies in Egypt is totally different to it of the West. In the tourism cities like Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada you can wear whatever you want but in the other cities that have no tourism traffic it will be better to wear covered clothes which is not exposed, But In General Egypt is a safe Country.

Is Egypt an acceptable -family vacation destination-?

Absolutely! The unimaginable pyramids, temples and tombs will fascinate every one the young and the old, Egypt is a family society country, people live in connected families so it's so common in Egypt to travel in a Family.

What is the currency in Egypt?

The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound (LE), that is split into a hundred piasters. Banknotes are available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200.

Also it's available easily to change USD to LE in any city in Egypt but more easier in cities like Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada and Cairo.

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