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Ancient Egyptian Games –Part 2-

Toys in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt children’s games and toys were similar to the toys children play with today. Some of these toys included clay rattles and miniature animals and people shaped out of clay. If they were lucky enough, a child might play with a wooden toy that had moving parts. There were wooden hippos with movable jaws, cats and crocodiles with movable mouths and a mouse with a tail that moved by pulling a string.

Other toys children played with included dolls made of cloth that were stuffed with papyrus reeds, balls made of leather or woven papyrus and stuffed with horsehair or straw. These balls were often used for juggling. Wooden spinning tops were also quite popular. They were usually cone-shaped with a decorated top.

Athletic Games

Ancient Egyptian children were outside nearly all day long. Based on pictures depicted on tomb walls, we know that children enjoyed wrestling, the javelin throw, and games (especially for boys) that were defined by two teams and two leaders.

They also favored racing games in different varieties (alone or with other children on their backs) and even games like the modern-day chicken fight.

Girls generally played games that were less physical and less competitive. Everyone, boys and girls, enjoyed swimming in the Nile and dancing.

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