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Ancient Egyptian Games Facts

  • Board games were a favorite pastime for the ancient Egyptians.

  • Senet was played by two people either on an elaborately carved board or on a “board” that was scratched into the ground.

  • Aseb is often mistaken for the Royal Game of Ur or Tjau, the Game of Thieves.

  • Swimming included knowledge of the breast stroke.

  • Most ancient Egyptian children owned some sort of toy.

  • Some wooden toy horses had wheels – likely dating back to the time of Roman Egypt.

  • Ancient Egyptians also played floor hockey, boxing, archery, handball, tug of war, they ran marathons and pursued equestrian sports.

  • Board games were used for relaxation after a long day’s work and were often found placed in graves and tombs.

  • Ancient Egyptian children played versions of hopscotch and leapfrog.

  • Girls played games involving catching a ball.

  • Knuckle bones were made of the ankle bones of sheep.

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